Bella’s Twilight wedding ring, has become a popular item of request among female fans of the Twilight series. Elizabeth Masen, Edward’s biological mother, wore this ring, designed to seem a little antique so that the tale makes sense. When Edward gave Bella this gift of eternal love, he gave it to her in a black satin box; if you’re planning to do the same, you might want to consider doing it.

Bella’s Ring: A Detailed Description

For this bella swan ring, author Stephanie Meyer offers the following description: “The face was elongated and set with diagonal rows of spherical stones. Thin and made of gold, the band was beautiful. The gems were wrapped in a delicate gold web.” Jewelers have offered several differing opinions about the ring’s appearance in question due to the haziness of the provided description.

You may not be able to find a ring that looks identical to Bella’s in the film. There are no plans to bring the legally licensed replica ring to market. You may locate it at a garage sale or on an online auction site like eBay. However, variations of this theme are readily accessible.

Where To Buy Twilight Wedding Ring Cubic Zirconia

This ring is available in a wide variety of cubic zirconia settings. A few examples of locations where you could discover them are:


You can buy replicas of the movie ring on Amazon, complete with fake diamonds or cubic zirconia. The Beaux Bijoux silver plated and CZ ring, and the Bling sterling silver and CZ ring with numerous crystals are just two examples of the available styles.

Inspirational Silver

This ring features seven identically sized cubic zirconia set in a hexagonal design instead of a single bigger stone in the middle. A big circle covered with more cubic zirconia frames the hexagon. The band is embellished with cubic zirconia as well. The crew of the ring is made of sterling silver. It weighs 1.5 carats and features rhodium plating.

Crystal from Swarovski

Check out these establishments if you’re a fan of Swarovski crystal: The Etsy site LilMiss Sparkley sells a custom-made Swarovski crystal ring modeled like Bella’s engagement ring. Compared to other variations of the ring, this one stands out because of its larger center stone and plenty of tiny crystals

How to Make a Unique Ring

Suppose you’re looking for a movie ring like Bella’s but haven’t had any luck finding it online. In that case, you could seek to contact a small local jeweler or jewelry artisan about commissioning a ring based on the movie’s design. A jeweler may be persuaded by a still from the film depicting the concept. Bear in mind, however, that they could not agree to reproduce a design protected by copyright.

Twilight Love’s Symbol

To demonstrate their support for the film or to capture the spirit of love it embodies, fans of the series may choose to wear a ring similar to Bella’s. Beautiful in design and conveying a message of eternal affection, this ring is a rare and exceptional piece of jewelry.


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