Every lady has a personal stash of necklaces somewhere in her bedroom – different kinds for different occasions. But the sad truth is, some of these pieces of jewelry don’t last as long as we’d like them to. After a few uses, you’ll notice some tarnishes and blemishes, and this usually renders the necklaces unfit for use. Sad, isn’t it?

There are many reasons why this happens but at the top of the list is lack of care. Yes, let’s admit it – we don’t take care of our jewelry as well as we ought to. And that’s usually because we don’t even know our necklaces should be cared for in the first place.

We’re here to give you a few tips on how to care for your necklace so that they last a long time.

How to care for your necklace

Don’t let it come in contact with wood

Many times, after removing our necklaces, we leave them on our desks, most of which are made of wood. Wood or other chemically treated tops are bad news for your jewelry. If your necklace comes in contact with them, your jewelry will get stained. Hence, you should keep your necklace away from wood.

Get a jewelry or ziplock bag for your necklace

Air and moisture are two major elements that cause your necklace to tarnish quickly. So to avoid that, you need to keep them in places where they’re protected from those elements, like in a jewelry bag or ziplock bag. Lock the bag tightly so that air can’t get inside.

Don’t use with skincare products

This is one mistake that we make. We apply skincare products on our body even with our jewelry on. Once these products touch your necklace, it begins to blemish. Remove your necklace before applying lotions and sprays. If you’re going swimming or visiting the sauna, remove your necklace to prevent moisture from getting in contact with it.

Keep it away from sunlight

Exposing your necklace to the sun is another quick way to ruin your beautiful necklace. To avoid that, keep all necklaces away from the sun.

Don’t keep gold necklaces with silver necklaces

Gold is a soft element and not as strong as silver. Gold necklaces are susceptible to scratches, which can happen if there’s a silver jewelry nearby. Keep both necklace types in separate compartments.

Clean your necklaces

You’ve been wearing the necklace all day and it’s been exposed to sunlight, oil, sweat and moisture. To prevent all these elements from tarnishing the necklace, wipe it with a dry cloth after taking it off your neck. And store in a cool place.

Wash your necklace

Nothing lasts forever and at some point, the necklace will start to lose its shine. You can revive the jewelry by washing it with warm water and gentle washing soap. Then rinse and dry.


Be it a regular or custom necklace, all necklaces need to be well taken care of. Doing this will guarantee that you don’t have to change your necklaces more often than not.


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