A user may need the pressure washer for the cleaning of cars, home surfaces, garage, etc. The Giraffe Tools offers various models of pressure washers that are optimized for various uses. These machines are optimized to connect the user requirements to the machine design. Although these machines are manufactured by keeping the safety of users under consideration. Yet, these machines should be tested and checked before purchasing to ensure the safety of the customer. The PSI and GPM range should be reviewed necessarily. A comparison of their features can allow a user to decide the model of his desire.

Grandfalls pressure washer

These are very powerful and convenient machines that are optimized for small to large-sized households. Its long hose pipe and automation of the reel system improve the efficiency of the cleaning process. It could be mounted on a wall and does not require floor space.

Its 2 in 1 design offers the best possible combination of performance and convenience. Its powerful pump can deliver the water at a huge pressure of 2200 PSI. This pressure is enough to brush aside the toughest dirt stains with a single stroke. It makes this machine an excellent choice for washing all types of surfaces.

Its trigger is larger and is designed to reduce hand fatigue. Its 100 feet long hose pipe is enough for any sized house.

Portable pressure washer

It is a portable and handy machine and can be used anywhere. Its distinct feature is its multi-mode nozzle which provides three different spray settings. A user can choose any of these spray settings according to his requirements. Its powerful pump can deliver huge pressure at maximum coverage. It could be carried easily in a car thanks to its compact size and flexible hose which could be rolled in a small space.

It saves power as its pump could be powered from the car’s battery. It is also compatible with any handgun manufactured by Giraffe Tools.

Electric pressure washers

It is another powerful and compact machine that allows easy cleaning of your car. Its four-stage pump allows it to deliver the water at immense pressure. The machine is also fitted with wheels for easy transportation. A bigger control dial allows an easy pressure adjustment for the user.

This pressure washer is offered in multiple pressure sizes which differ in the delivery pressure. The most commonly used model produces a pressure of 2150 PSI. This pressure is enough for easy and thorough cleaning of vehicles.

The Bottom line

The pressure washers provided by Giraffe Tools offer a complete solution to the washing problems of various users. They have a growing demand throughout the country due to their features. They are excellent for the cleaning of deck, car, patio, and various types of surfaces. Various models of pressure washers are offered which differ in hose size, pressure, portability, etc. A user should choose the model which best fits his requirements.

It could therefore be argued that the pressure washers offered by the Giraffe Tools could be a good choice for a user who is looking for convenient and long-lasting pressure washers which allow easy and efficient cleaning of dirt and dust.


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